2017 Realignment Map

Division A

Director Robyn Featherston, DTM

AreaArea DirectorClubClub Name
10L Farnum911City Power Toastmasters
10L Farnum4145Toast Of The Bay Toastmasters Club
10L Farnum1505394Downtown St. Pete Toastmasters
10L Farnum5922894Electric Toast
11J. Sweeney603123Skyway Marina Toastmasters
11J. Sweeney1526154Cool 'n Confident Toastmasters
11J. Sweeney2309983Gulfport Toastmasters
11J. Sweeney2709335Toastmasters @ All Children's Hospital (TACH)
12Donna G.2284St Petersburg Toastmasters Club
12Donna G.4698Speakeasy Toastmasters Club
12Donna G.5415832ASI 2
12Donna G.5427683High Nooners
13D. Farnum5899Seminole-SPC Toastmasters Club
13D. Farnum5933STAR Toastmasters
13D. Farnum7943Easy Talkers Club
13D. Farnum602900Bay Pines Toastmasters Club
Division B

Director Gina Lovick

AreaArea DirectorClubClub Name
20G. Erickson2652Raymond James Toastmasters Club
20G. Erickson5985Vocal Point Toastmasters Club
20G. Erickson1373645FIS Toastmasters
20G. Erickson5114511Humana At Home
21G. Pinney4561Templeton Talking Club
21G. Pinney1361268Bankers Toastmasters
21G. Pinney2576513New Beginning Toastmasters
21G. Pinney6597368PODS Movers & Speakers *
22B. DeForrest2923Tech Data Club
22B. DeForrest6273Honeywell Toastmasters Club
22B. DeForrest7306Real Talkers Club
22B. DeForrest1400985Suncoast Caring Community Toastmasters
23T. Shelly6587Clearwater Talk Of The Town Club
23T. Shelly1039583Renaissance Speakers Clearwater
23T. Shelly4161004Pinellas Parler Toastmasters
Division C

Director Steve Hendershott

AreaArea DirectorClubClub Name
30C. Muren2166Dunedin Toastmasters
30C. Muren3087Bagel Talk Toastmasters Club
30C. Muren8248Palm Harbor Toastmasters
30C. Muren5492254(ISC)2 Toastmasters
30C. Muren5757925TBG Toastmasters
31B. De Simone2824West Pasco Toastmasters Club
31B. De Simone8122Nature Coast Orators Club
31B. De Simone1772405Trinity Odessa Toastmasters
31B. De Simone5056504Pasco Government Toastmasters
31B. De Simone5755100SWFWMD-Brooksville
32T. Norton587295Oldsmar Top of the Morning Club
32T. Norton1187415WellCare Toastmasters
32T. Norton2611702Nielsen Tampa Toastmasters
32T. Norton4001894NACCturally Speaking
33K. Daley1667Suncoast Toastmasters Club
33K. Daley5083Carrollwood Toastmasters
33K. Daley5257721"Cott" To Be Good
34P. Sullivan1810Tampa Toastmasters
34P. Sullivan9822Financial Connection Toastmasters Club
34P. Sullivan5343341Actsoft Toastmasters
34P. Sullivan5415593High Flyers Toastmasters
Division D

Director Kwamena Sankah

AreaArea DirectorClubClub Name
40M. Hood748133PwC Tampa Talks Club
40M. Hood1347227New York Life Communicators for Life
40M. Hood1403477Electric Supply Inc.
40M. Hood2584996WestShore Toastmasters
41D. Dileo1346588Shriners International Headquarters
41D. Dileo1392714New York Life The Company That Speaks
41D. Dileo5342899FSQ Speech Masters
41D. Dileo5746896EY Speaks
42M Nekkanti1146909DTCC Tampa Toastmasters
42M Nekkanti1412715Wesley Chapel Speaks
42M Nekkanti5038718Zephyrhills Toastmasters
42M Nekkanti5936790Gurukulam of Tampa Toastmasters
43M. Spencer6261USAA Commerce Park
43M. Spencer6745Telecom Park Toastmasters
43M. Spencer771864Metlife Motivators Club
43M. Spencer1700921Spectacular Speakers of DRC
44OPEN9491The Big Wheels Club
44OPEN15605439-12 Toastmasters
44OPEN2087849Toastmasters @ USF
Division E

Director Linda Ruescher

AreaArea DirectorClubClub Name
50J. Lawson3909Tampa Noonshiners Club
50J. Lawson1084115Travelers Tampa Commons
50J. Lawson1610255MacDill Toastmasters Club
50J. Lawson5101391Urban Centre Toastmasters
50J. Lawson06551131Central Voices For Success (CV4S)
51E. Tatum7362Highrisers Toastmasters Club
51E. Tatum3960237JLT League of Speakers
51E. Tatum4169130Sogeti Tampa Speaks
52J. Hunziker968Advanced Articulators
52J. Hunziker1639Speaker's Circle
52J. Hunziker2475269Metropolitan Ministries Toastmasters
52J. Hunziker6589108Accusoft Toastmasters*
52J. Hunziker06589108Yakety-yak-Usoft
53C. Mitchell- Mcleod1169566The Talk Of 5508 Toastmasters Club
53C. Mitchell- Mcleod5274756ULTIMATE ACADEMY OF SPEAKERS
53C. Mitchell- Mcleod6526910Voices of Power
Division F

Director Amanda Figueroa, DTM

AreaArea DirectorClubClub Name
60D. Bruce646888Hillsborough County Toastmasters
60D. Bruce680990JPMC Highlanders
60D. Bruce1071660The Lazydays Toastmasters Club
60D. Bruce4021147Tampa Direct Toastmasters
61A. Alexander831439Brandon Toastmasters Club @ HCC
61A. Alexander1399893Breckenridge Toastmasters
61A. Alexander4775429Crosstown
62J. Christ585644Sharing Happiness HR
62J. Christ965840Grey Matters
62J. Christ1538207Exquisite Orators
62J. Christ1910124Sharing Happiness
62J. Christ06681060Owl's Nest
63V. Forde-Drummond619417South Shore Toastmasters
63V. Forde-Drummond965328Toast 'N Progress
63V. Forde-Drummond1529878Spirited Toastmasters
Division G

Director Cherie Haslup

AreaArea DirectorClubClub Name
70S. Beck2449Bradenton Toastmasters Club
70S. Beck9288Tropicana Toastmasters Club
70S. Beck612315Toastmasters N Transition
70S. Beck1197988Power Speakers of MCG
71K. Haslup6026Sarasota Evening Club
71K. Haslup595823Bradenton Voices of Manatee County
71K. Haslup1307407Herald-Tribune Advanced Toastmasters Club
72J. Chester479Toast Of The County Club
72J. Chester7719FCCI Toastmasters Club
72J. Chester9352Positively Speaking Toastmasters Club
72J. Chester5819781New College of Florida Toastmasters Club
73A. Denton1958Sarasota Toastmasters Club
73A. Denton7923Sarasota Herald-Tribune Club
73A. Denton777513Sarasota Speakers Exchange Toastmasters Club
73A. Denton1521593Toast of Lakewood Ranch
74C. Johnes5486Venice Area Toastmasters Club
74C. Johnes7327Sarasota WCR Toastmasters Club
74C. Johnes1538985Speak Out Sarasota Toastmasters
74C. Johnes2733400Talk This Way Toastmasters
Division H

Director Daniel Cruz

AreaArea DirectorClubClub Name
80P. Cruz969012Englewood Toastmasters
80P. Cruz1347294Port Charlotte Toastmasters
80P. Cruz1395623North Port Toastmasters
80P. Cruz3332339Charlotte County Advanced Toastmasters
80P. Cruz6485018CC Gov Toastmasters
81G. Kleist5701Electric Toasters Club
81G. Kleist9051Cape Coral Toastmasters Club
81G. Kleist1354558SW Florida Speakers Club
81G. Kleist3608341New Heights Toastmasters
81G. Kleist06743270Avow
82A. Hagan1702Ft Myers Toastmasters Club # 1702
82A. Hagan8956Fort Myers Noontide Toastmasters Club
82A. Hagan2880832Gartner Sesquipedalians
83R. Sunde6544Toast of The Coast Toastmasters Club
83R. Sunde8838Naples Advanced Toastmasters
83R. Sunde9628Naples Sunrise Bay Toastmasters Club
83R. Sunde5508750The Shelters Toastmasters
84W. Wahlstedt2733Bonita Toastmasters
84W. Wahlstedt2835Naples Toastmasters Club
84W. Wahlstedt2186602Toastmaster Academy
84W. Wahlstedt5486183Talk to Me Toastmasters