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Leadership Opportunities in Toastmasters
The Toastmasters Club also functions as a laboratory for developing leadership skills. Members have the opportunity to serve as Club officers, where they can develop their administrative and leadership skills in a positive, supportive environment. They learn to utilize parliamentary procedure, to accept and delegate responsibility, and to exercise the fundamentals of planning and leadership. Since clubs change officers annually, every member can obtain leadership training and experience.

The organizational structure of Toastmasters provides additional support to Clubs and Club officers. Clubs are grouped into Areas, Areas into Divisions, and Divisions into Districts. Each level has its own group of officers, and each provides support to Clubs. Although each Club is autonomous in conducting its own affairs, it may participate in Area, Division and District activities. Other support comes from Toastmasters International which supplies services, materials, ideas and counseling for Clubs.

High Performance Leadership
This hands-on, skill-building program requires you to conduct a project of your choice in which you serve as a leader. Reflecting your own goals, the project may be affiliated with your participation at Club, Area, Division, District, Business or community level. The High Performance Leadership manual walks you through the project’s different phases, providing study material and activities to complete. As you progress you will learn about:

  • The need for leadership.
  • The six dimensions of leadership.
  • Your current leadership skills and becoming a more effective leader.
  • Developing a vision and a mission.
  • Building a team and creating an action plan.
  • Helping the team accomplish its mission and dealing with setbacks.
  • Analyzing efforts.
  • Providing help through each phase is a Guidance Committee – people you select to counsel you and evaluate your work.

The Leadership Excellence Award
Your efforts will be recognized! After you complete the manual and submit an application, Toastmasters International will send you a handsome, numbered certificate that secures your place as a recognized participant in this innovative program.

As a Toastmaster, you will be exposed to our unique Success/Leadership Program. The Success/Leadership Program is an innovative series of educational workshop-style modules. These workshops encompass topics such as effective listening, leadership, conducting meetings, training and management. Participation in this program builds skills that will help each individual become a more effective leader and communicator.