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Image Khalid Amin, DTM

Backstage with Khalid Amin, DTM

By Khalid Amin, DTM THE OUTLIER FACTOR! I have been taking part in contests since I joined Toastmasters in 2005. The reason was that my first and best mentor ever TM Rehna Pinto told me that contests are the fastest path to one’s growth not only as a speaker but also as a leader. I…
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Photo: Calvin Duncan

Backstage with Calvin Duncan, DTM

By Calvin Duncan: excerpted from his personal journal entry… 2017 Toastmasters International Semi-Final competition for the World Championship of Public Speaking®, Vancouver, Canada   Day before contest – Contest Briefing It was nine of them. All nine different. Different names, different accents, and different genders. I introduced myself to everyone, took a group photo and…
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Photo: Ted Shelly

Backstage with Ted Shelly, DTM

By Ted Shelly, DTM | pictured with his guide dog Loretta I was only a Toastmaster for a few weeks when my club announced that there was going to be a speech contest, specifically a Tall Tales contest. I didn’t even know that Toastmasters did contests. But the other club members were very encouraging, so…
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Graphic Captain Obvios

Captain Obvious Takes on Table Topics

I hate to sound like Captain Obvious, but when we’re attending virtual meetings, it is all about the sights and sounds! That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. OK… we’ve all had our fair share of images we would like to unsee, but let’s not let that crush our creativity! Carpe Diem! Take advantage…
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Photo: Jahleh

From Silenced to Storyteller

Jaleh Siyan found her voice (again) through Toastmasters Growing up in Iran, there were no opportunities for children and teenagers to speak publicly. However, as a child, I was privileged to find that opportunity in the Baha’i faith where I developed my confidence as a speaker. Leaving my home country at age 22 and moving…
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Photo: Zoom meeting

It’s All Greek to Me

Making new friends across the globe as told by Virginia Papadopoulos I have been a Toastmaster since 2016. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Toastmasters clubs around the world quickly took their club meetings virtual. I began visiting clubs around the world. The first club I attended was Toastmasters of Kifissia, a suburb of Athens, Greece.…
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Photo: woman on Red Rock, AZ

Facing My Fear of Public Speaking Unleashed New Possibilities

  How Toastmasters led to personal growth and career recognition as told by Dr. Hannah Lonsdale Imagine this… You’ve been invited to speak about your cutting-edge research at an important conference. It’s a huge opportunity. You spend weeks thinking about what you’re going to say and preparing yourself. Its finally time to speak. You hop…
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Photo: nancy-gonzalez

From Professional Speaker to Pro

A story of professional growth as told by Nancy Gonzalez I have discovered that it doesn’t matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn. My Toastmasters journey began two years ago. I had been speaking for several years and thought I could pick up some pointers in a few meetings and go on…
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Photo: bill-moravec

That Voice!

Who is that silky voice behind the open and close of the District 48’s new television commercials? When I called upon my peers for their recommendations of a member to do the voice-overs for our television commercials, the recommendations were unanimous. Meet Bill Moravec. Bill is a retired schoolteacher who grew up in the Tampa…
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Photo: bob-turel

This Guy

Meet the guy working behind the scenes to produce District 48’s new TV commercials… One of the most outstanding Toastmasters I have ever met is Bob Turel. I met Bob at various club meetings in and around St. Pete and quickly appreciated his presentation style, but what really impressed me was his evaluations. Bob is…
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