Club Coach Program

When Does a Club Need a Coach?

Toastmasters only has one requirement for a club looking for a coach: the club must have 12 or fewer members at the time of the request. Here are a few reasons to consider asking for a coach:

  • The club has 12 or fewer members.
  • Members are not coming to meetings.
  • There are no guests coming to meetings or joining the club.
  • Members are not giving manual speeches.
  • Members are not earning educational and/or leadership awards.
  • The club is having problems meeting Distinguished Club Program goals.

Do not wait until your club is falling apart to ask for a coach; ask for one as soon as your club membership drops to 12 or below. If your membership is too high for a coach, but you still think you need one, call your area director and ask for help. Your area director can come in as an unofficial coach and provide you with some ideas to begin rebuilding your club.

Is Being a Club Coach Right For You?

The Club Coach is a Toastmaster who is not a member of the club. They serve as a counselor, a source of knowledge and a fountain of ideas. To be successful as a Club Coach, one will need all of his/her speaking, thinking and listening skills – as well as diligence, determination and patience.

The following is a summary of what a club coach must do:

  • Build a rapport with the club’s leaders and members.
  • Assess the environment… observe, analyze, and recommend solutions.
  • Develop a plan with goals for improvement.
  • Implement the plan and ensure that the officers and members, as much as possible, perform the changes.
  • Instill enthusiasm, loyalty, and a sense of responsibility for the club’s future.
  • Set high, but achievable expectations.

Club Coach Program Regulations

• The district director or the club growth director is responsible for assigning a club coach.

• A club must have at least one but not more than 12 members when a coach is appointed, and the coach cannot be a member of that club until their appointment request has been processed.

• Up to two coaches may be appointed to a club.

• The appointment lasts to June 30 of the current program year if the club becomes a Distinguished Club or better. If Distinguished Club Status is not reached in the initial program year, the assignment will be extended to June 30 of the following year.