District 48 Leadership 2020-2021

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Gene May, DTM

District Director, District 48

Teresa Norton, DTM

Program Quality Director, District 48

Jim Ellis, DTM

Club Growth Director, District 48

District 48 Administrative Team Members

Christine Labutay

Administration Manager

Angela Moon

Finance Manager

OPEN Position

Logistics Manager

Gina Lovick, DTM

Public Relations Manager

District 48 Committee Chairs

OPEN Position

Awards Chair

Elle Holtzman, DTM

Chief Educational Ambassador

Sheila Norman

Club Extention Chair

John Christ, DTM

Club New Source Research Chair

Ken Wrede

Club Quality Chair

Tim McDearmon, DTM

Club Retention Chair, Club Coach Chair

David Gosnell, DTM

Conference Chair

OPEN Position

District Chief Judge

Jeannette Sweeney, DTM

District Contest Chair

Gale West, DTM

Meetup Chair

Crystal Berner

TLI Chair

Rebecca Thornton

Youth Leadership Chair

Mike Giglio

Tech Master

Freeman Morey, DTM

Immediate Past District Director

District 48 Division A

Ted Shelly, DTM

Division A Director

Deborah Del Favero

Area 10 Director, Division A

Gloria Churchill, DTM

Area 11 Director, Division A

Cynthia Long

Area 12 Director, Division A

Emma Diaz

Area 13 Director, Division A

District 48 Division B

Heather Parsons

Division B Director

Kim Basnett

Area 20 Director, Division B

Daniel Labios

Area 21 Director, Division B

Theo Papadopolous

Area 22 Director, Division B

Kera Arnone

Area 23 Director, Division B

District 48 Division C

Jesus Martinez

Division C Director

Bao Hunyh

Area 30 Director, Division C

Woodrow Samuel

Area 31 Director, Division C

Walter Matthews

Area 32 Director, Division C

Mark Kilroy

Area 33 Director, Division C

OPEN Position

Area 34 Director, Division C

District 48 Division D

Angelita Ortiz

Division D Director

OPEN Position

Area 40 Director, Division D

OPEN Position

Area 41 Director, Division D

Bonnie Aylor

Area 42 Director, Division D

May Ghali, DTM

Area 43 Director, Division D

OPEN Position

Area 44 Director, Division D

District 48 Division E

Sean Forrester, DTM

Division E Director

Michele Calabro

Area 50 Director, Division E

Ellen Pinder

Area 51 Director, Division E

Sean Forrester, DTM

Acting Area 52 Director, Division E

Fritz Bernagene

Area 53 Director, Division E

Sean Forrester, DTM

Acting Area 54 Director, Division E