Nominated Candidates for 2019-2020

2019 District Leadership Committee (DLC) – Final Report
RolePosition Running For:Nominated Candidate:
Division DirectorsDivision AMichael Childs
Division BGlenn Erickson
Division CFloor Candidate Only
Division DFloor Candidate Only
Division EFloor Candidate Only
TrioDistrict Director (DD)Robyn Featherston
Program Quality Director (PQD)Freeman Morey
Club Growth Director (CGD)John Christ

Toastmasters International Policy 9.0: Committee Report

The chair reports the committee’s results in writing to the district director no fewer than six weeks before the district’s Annual Business Meeting. The district director submits the report in writing to all members of the district council at least four weeks before the Annual Business Meeting. This may be done in the district newsletter or on the district website. At the discretion of the district director, a statement from each nominee outlining their qualifications and abilities to perform the duties of the office may be included with the report. Only candidates nominated by the committee may be included in the report. A district cannot publish the names of floor candidates with the committee report or in any other district publication.

Report Completed:
Friday, March 16, 2019

Vijayn Nair, DTM, PDD
District 48 DLC Chair