Pathways Resources

District 48 Chief Educational Ambassador Sean Forrester presents 

Pathways training in four (4) 15-minute podcasts.

Get a quick review of the Pathways resources available on the District 48 website. Learn how to log in to Base Camp and take the Assessment. Understand the Navigator, My Feedback, and My Badges elements.

  • Pathways Education Program

Level Charts [Mark Snow, DTM (District 69)]

Paths and Core Competencies [Toastmasters International]

Competencies by Level [Matt Kleinosky, DTM (District 60)]

Path Descriptions [District 62]

Where’s the CC & CL?

Step Up A Level This Year

  • Base Camp System

Base Camp Glossary [District 8]

Base Camp Basics [George Marshall, DTM (District 57)]

Base Camp Meeting Role Requirements [District 13]

Base Camp Managers Duties [Toastmasters International]

  • Helpful Articles

New Member Quick Start [District 3]

New Member Checklist [District 3]

New Member Gotchas [District 3]

51 Ways to Integrate Pathways [Heather Turner, DTM (District 69)]

  • Forms

Generic Pathways Evaluation [Toastmasters International]

Mentor Program Completion [Toastmasters International]

DTM Project Evaluation [Toastmasters International]

DTM Award Application [Toastmasters International]

  • External Website Links

Pathways Resources [Toastmasters International]

Frequently Asked Questions [Toastmasters International]