To Click or to Hover That is the Question!

By: Emily L Drenberg, DTM, IPDD, Webmaster

Are you going in circles trying to find information on the district website? This is a quick guide to help take the mystery out of finding information on  Upon arrival to the home page, the following menu bar appears.

In some cases, clicking on the menu name takes you to specific information.
In some cases, hovering on the menu name gives you additional information.

Clicking on Home does nothing but reload the homepage.Hovering over Home does nothing!
Clicking on District Leadership brings up the District 48 Leadership for 2019-2020!Hovering over District Leadership brings up a sub menu with lots of choices!
Clicking on District Events does nothing!Hovering over District Events brings up a sub menu for the Calendar, Spring Conference, and Deadline to complete your DTMs.
Clicking on Conference brings up the conference page.Hovering over Conference does nothing!
Clicking on Pathways brings you to the Pathways Homepage. Hovering over Pathways brings up a sub menu for Paths & Projects, Pathways Resources, and Road to DTM.
Clicking on Resources brings up a sub menu with lots of choices!Hovering over Resources brings up a sub menu with lots of choices!
Clicking on Blog takes you to the Blog homepage.Hovering over Blog does nothing!
Clicking on Contact Us brings a list of reasons for contacting us with the appropriate form. Hovering over Contact Us does nothing!