What is the District 48 Spring Conference?

District News

By Gina Lovick

May 1 – 3, 2020

The District 48 Spring Conference is an exciting educational and networking event for all the District’s clubs. Conferences allow the District to conduct business, as well as, providing opportunities for:

• Celebrating the members, member accomplishments, and the District mission and accomplishments
• Networking opportunities
• Communication and leadership training
• Speech Contest finals and
• Exchanging ideas in support of the District

Celebrating the members, their accomplishments, and the District mission and accomplishments

Each District Conference allows an opportunity to spotlight those members and clubs who have excelled in the past year.

Providing Networking Opportunities for the Members

Conference Banquets – The banquets are often the showcases of the District Conference. Each one provides an opportunity for the District to hear from a visiting international officer or international director, and to recognize outgoing and incoming district leaders and any special guests.

Providing communication and leadership training for the Members

Educational Sessions. District Conferences offer a variety of interesting educational sessions that are carefully designed to appeal to the interests and educational needs of District members included guest speaker and speakers from within the District. Conferences also offer an opportunity for District Members to step up their communication skills by presenting educational sessions to a larger audience.

Leadership Opportunities. District Conferences provide excellent opportunities for members to step up their leadership learning by Chairing a conference committee. Whether it’s organizing the Silent Auction, soliciting donations for the Hospitality Suite, organizing volunteers to help with registration and greeting activities, or organizing speakers and arranging for rooms, a Conference provides a wealth of challenging leadership opportunities from which to learn.

Speech Contest Finals

Speech Contests. The District Conference offers a great opportunity for some of the best speakers in the District to come together and practice their skills in front of a larger audience. From the Club and Area levels to the Division contests, these individuals have worked hard to get to this level. At the District Conference, they have a chance to shine and show the rest of us how it’s done.

Exchanging ideas in support of the District.
Sitting side-by-side with Toastmasters from across the District is a great opportunity to change ideas. How does their club recruit new members? How do they keep members motivated? What’s the most effective way to advertise an Open House or other upcoming event? How do they motivate members to participate in contests? What’s their most effective recruiting tool?

Also, do have a beneficial idea you think will benefit the District? Here’s your chance to talk to the Leadership.

Elect our Leaders
District Leader Elections. Every Toastmasters club in the District is allowed 2 votes. With these two votes, your club elects District Leaders including the District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Division Directors. You also approve the District budget and officially approve the minutes of the last District meeting.

Who can attend?
EVERYONE! You don’t have to be a Club officer or a speech contestant! In fact, you don’t even have to be a Toastmaster! Our conferences are designed to provide an exciting, entertaining, and beneficial learning environment for everyone. Many clubs attend as a group and many members bring their spouse and/or other guests so they can enjoy the experience together.

What’s the best part?
The People! While there are tons of things to learn, see, and do, the best part of a District Conference is the PEOPLE. You’ll find old and new friends with similar interests and on a similar Toastmasters’ journey. You might even make a contact that will advance your career.

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