Introducing the NEW


Have you served in ALL meeting Roles?

How would you like to be recognized for that accomplishment?

We now have a FULL Circle Program designed to do exactly that!

How do you earn a FULL Circle program pin?

  • FULL Circle Pins will be awarded at the conference – Jazz Up Your Journey!
  • The FULL Circle must be completed within 6 months of the first date entered.


    • Why within 6 months?
      FULL Circle is designed to reward participation.
      • For clubs that meet weekly, there are at least 24 meetings in which to serve in all 8 roles.
      • For clubs that meet bi-monthly, there are 12 meetings in which to serve in all 8 roles.


  • Only one FULL Circle Pin is awarded per Club membership within District 48, per year.
  • If you belong to multiple clubs within District 48, you can earn a pin for each club.
  • One pin per Club Membership within District 48, per Toastmaster year provided dues are paid and current.

Serve as:



Table Topics Master




General Evaluator